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"Multiracial, Tattoos, Vaginal Discharge, Sinner"

Being treated as a therapeutic practice, "Multiracial, Tattoos, Vaginal Discharge, Sinner" is a solo work that dives deep into sexuality, fetishization of racially ambiguous people and suppressed anger of a child who was too young. Using theatrics, spoken word and film The Imposters welcomes the audience into their world of order and DESTRUCTION! 

If you follow their rules you'll be fine 

1. Eat hot chips and LIE

2. Don't trust the pink bunny

But one wrong truth and you'll be exposed for the Imposter you are. 

Choreographer: The Imposter 

Performers: The Imposter, Imposter 32, Imposter 27

Lighting Design: The Imposter 

Music: Yea Hoe by Gangsta Boo ft. Sinjin Hawke and Essential Performances and Marlene Dietrich and the Burt Bacharach Orchestra

Photography: Tim Trumble 

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