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The w[hole] Package

Artist of the Real Shit 


I am a forever evolving multimedia performance artist.

I am an artist that creates intangible and tangible art for myself; to be understood by others through the medium of movement, spoken word, and film. 

Inspired by pop culture, I use humor and hostility to allow myself to be vulnerable and to demonstrate how to act on your freewill as you explore what it means to identify as [insert your perceived identity here] in America. 

The playfulness and absurdity of everyday life informs my work as I touch on subjects that deal with social, political, and economic inequity. 

Using dance improvisational ideas I give room for my audience to take part in my art as they choose how to respond to what they are experiencing in real time. My work sparks the conversations that are hard to have but must be had. 

I aspire to inspire people to live their own truths. 

My art is for those whose fantasies have yet to be developed and need a safe place to be whatever the F*** they want…   


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